Monday, March 17, 2008

Various covers March-April 2008

I've recently lost all my scans, so I can't stand scanning right now, I'm really tired of collecting pictures that can dissapear any time. I'm also experiencing some troubles with uploading HQs, so I'll post some recent covers in normal size. Here we go:

From left: Polish Elle March 2008 (Anja Rubik), A4 #55 (Maryna Linchuck), A4 # 56 (Kastyn Reid), Twoj Styl Trendy (Natalia), Zakupy & Styl (Kamila Szczawinska), Viva!Moda Spring 2008 (Stazia Niementowska)

1 comment:

mariemaud said...

feeling a really strong and deep sophistication in A4 cover, I love it!