Sunday, November 18, 2007

US: Vogue, November 2007, Coco & Raquel

Resort collections have never been so popular. Just a few years ago people- except rare stars- didn't really need them or didn't even feel like they were important for fashion. Right now both designers and buyers, know that fashion means money. If you design more, you get more, so why not showing collections more often? The reason of why I appreciate resort collections is that in my opinion they're so nicely wearable and fresh that it makes me think that fashion is for people. Plus, I always wonder when I'll be able to afford my favourite dresses because I know one day I will :)

Photographed by Steven Meisel.

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Bert Berlin said...

So yeah, basically i'm pretty much in love with your blog.
I've been looking for this these pictures online for a while, and I fianlly found them. Don't stop posting.
And by the way, seeing the Jessica Stam ads for Dior by John Galliano would be a big plus ;)

xoxo Bert Berlin